Friday, August 7, 2009

Code Analysis / Team Foundation context menu items missing!

I had an issue recently in which my Team Foundation (2008) enlistment appeared to be partially corrupt.  Some of the symptoms:

1. My “Work Items” folder had a red ‘x’ next to it permanently; I could never connect to my work items on my main PC (but I could from other PCs).

2. When right-clicking on a Code Analysis warning in the Error List panel of Visual Studio, I didn’t get the usual options of “Create Work Item” and “Suppress Message(s)”.

3. Some of the Team menu items were missing, or their sub menu items were greyed out, and displayed error messages such as “value does not fall within the expected range.”

I tried all sorts of painful, time-consuming solutions, even uninstalling/reinstalling everything, but ultimately the solution was simply to delete my local app data Team Foundation Cache folder, located here:

%localappdata%\Microsoft\Team Foundation\2.0\Cache

I hope that someone finds this and it saves them hours of headache.


isaneblog said...

Nice! This totally worked! Where the MSDN, and internal MS documentation failed horribly. Thanks a ton!

d-roc said...

wow I'm impressed vargas. You actually helped someone.

Vargo said...

Glad I could help. :)